Over 40 years of quality plastering services in Johannesburg

Plastering Johannesburg was founded official founded in 1970 by family members and friends who saw an opportunity when many others could not see it and we have been the number plastering service providers for major companies and residents across Johannesburg.

Our team of plastering specialists are equipped with the qualifications, training and guidance needed to ensure that our customers are constantly gettingĀ  quality work at cost-saving prices.

All You Need Plastering!

Plastering Johannesburg offers a full package to cover all your plastering needs ensuring that you don’t have to lift a finger to get all the required items for a complete plastering service:

  • Material Sourcing:- You will find that our in-house plastering materials are of the finest quality and we only work with reputable suppliers who have never disappointed us with shortage of stock.
  • Custom Plastering:- There are many plastering styles and you have seen one that you are looking to have for your property. Our skilled plasterers will provide you with unique plastering designs and patterns to suit your needs.
  • Professional Plastering Services:- Our plastering services are provided by a team of highly professional individuals who are all motivated to ensure that our customers get the best services every time you visit or call us.

Plastering Johannesburg has always looked forward on custom jobs because they provide us with a way to properly showcase what our talented team can really do for you.

Call us for a quick estimation so you can get an idea of how much it would cost to get a plastering service from Plastering Johannesburg. Get in touch with us for reliable and one year guarantee on all our plastering services.